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2021 ND Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder WA State Fair


Welcome to Rainy Rock!


We are located in Port Orchard, Washington and are proud to be an ADGA Plus performance herd participating in DHIR (milk test), Linear Appraisal and showing. We strive to produce goats that can excel in the showring while still filling the milk pail.

We raise ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats which we love for their rich, creamy milk and their smaller, easy to handle size. The variety of colors, patterns and personalities that Nigerians come in is a wonderful bonus. Feel free to reach out to us on our "Contact Us" page. We would be glad to help you find your next doe, buck or wether.


Linear Appraisal 2021

SG Rainy Rock JK Cassia EEEE 92
SG MilkNKids MM Lunar Frost EEEE 92
Rainy Rock TB Einstein’s Girl VEEE 91
Rainy Rock AG Cocoa Kisses VEEE 91
Rainy Rock BS Octavia VEVE 89
Rainy Rock TZ Spring’s Herald +EEE 89
Rainy Rock MT Moonstruck +VEE 88
Rainy Rock TZ Snowflake +VVE 88
Rainy Rock AG Splenda (FF) VVEE 88
Rainy Rock JK Cairenn (FF) VVVE 88
Rainy Rock MT Melody VEEV 87
Rainy Rock MT Rebekah’s Promise VVV+ 87
Rainy Rock SMKY Laurel +EVV 87
Rainy Rock TB Ceres (FF) +VVV 87
Rainy Rock AG PlayItAgainSam (FF) VVVV 87
Rainy Rock AG Celestia (FF) +VVE 87
Rainy Rock AG Burnt Sugar ++EE 86
The LL Trade Secret (FF) +VVV 86
Rainy Rock GN GoldNLocks (FF) +VVV 85
Rainy Rock AG Cordelia (FF) +V+V 85 (Joker daughter, not a Gus daughter)
Rainy Rock BR Cadence (FF) +V++ 83
Rainy Rock JK Firecracker (FF) +V++ 81


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